Acubalance Wellness Centre

Rooted in research-based and time-tested treatments, Acubalance Wellness Centre is a world-renowned clinic famously known for treating infertility, pregnancy support, hormonal imbalances, pain, injuries and a wide range of other health conditions. Established in 2000, Acubalance is known for its multidisciplinary approach that combines acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, naturopathy, nutritional IV, low level laser therapy (LLLT/photobiomodulation) and energy psychology to deliver a treatment regimen tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

Our team of passionate health practitioners at Acubalance believe in the importance of addressing the underlying causes of disease using a patient-centered approach, rather than the mainstream medical model that focuses on simply alleviating symptoms. By looking at the whole person — and not just an isolated set of symptoms — we are able to pinpoint and treat the underlying causes that are preventing you from experiencing optimal health and vitality.

Acubalance Wellness Centre

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