Past Events

Integrative Fertility Symposium (IFS) organized by Healthy Seminars took place in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This event provided a golden opportunity for attendees to enhance their practices by delving into the latest research findings and exploring cutting-edge tools. Renowned speakers and leading experts led captivating workshops that empowered acupuncturists, Chinese medicine practitioners, and naturopaths with valuable insights.

Having solidified its position as the premier destination conference, IFS offered a unique platform for professionals dedicated to reproductive health issues, emphasizing an integrative approach. Participants immersed themselves in a rich environment of knowledge, collaboration, and inspiration, unlocking new dimensions in their respective fields. The symposium facilitated the exchange of ideas, fostering connections among like-minded individuals who shared a passion for holistic fertility care.

By attending the 6th Integrative Fertility Symposium, participants had the opportunity to invest in their practices and stay at the forefront of the industry. The event enabled them to access the latest research advancements, gain valuable tools, and expand their expertise. Vancouver’s captivating surroundings provided an ideal backdrop for this transformative experience, further enhancing the overall atmosphere of the symposium.


World Wellness Weekend was almost here! Lorne Brown is named, the Canadian UN World Wellness Weekend Ambassador for Integrative Wellness.

The goal of World Wellness Weekend (WWW) is to inspire and empower people to make healthier choices and enjoy an active lifestyle with family & friends. The current health situation around the world reminds us of how important it is to have a strong immune system.

This years focus is on the 5 Pillars Of Wellness: 1) Sleep & Restoration, 2) Nutrition & Nourishment, 3) Vitality & Movement, 4) Serenity & Mindfulness and 5) Purpose & Solidarity.
This webinar touched on all Pillars but the main focus is on the 4th Pillar “Serenity & Mindfulness”. A big step to mastering Serenity and Mindfulness is you must first learn the tools to elicit the relaxation response in your body.

Dr. Lorne Brown taught simple mind hacks and conscious breathing techniques to quickly get into a state of relaxation – putting the mind at ease and melting away fears and anxiety that may be holding it back.

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