Season 1, Episode 58

Healing and Transforming through Connected Consciousness with Lynne McTaggart

In this episode of The Conscious Fertility Podcast, we dive deep into the fascinating world of consciousness with renowned author and lecturer, Lynne McTaggart. Join us as McTaggart takes us on an eye-opening journey, unraveling the emerging science that challenges the traditional notion of separateness and reveals the profound interconnectedness of all living beings.

McTaggart shares her groundbreaking research, shedding light on the existence of a colossal energy field that binds us together, breaking down the barriers of individuality. Prepare to be inspired as she unravels the transformative power of intention and its incredible potential to heal and revitalize, both on a personal level and on a global scale.

Throughout the episode, McTaggart delves into the significance of collective consciousness and the dynamics of group energy, emphasizing the extraordinary experiences of unity and oneness that can lead to astonishing outcomes. From the realms of fertility and healing to the realm of politics, she explores how this interconnectedness holds the key to a better world.

Tune in now and embark on a profound journey of understanding and possibility.

Key topics:

  • The New Science of Consciousness: Challenging the Notion of Separation
  • The Giant Energy Field that Connects Us All: Unraveling the Web of Oneness
  • The Transformative Power of Intention: Healing and Personal Growth
  • Group Dynamics and the Experience of Unity
  • Insights on Fertility, Politics, and Global Transformation

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Lorne Brown:

By listening to the Conscious Fertility Podcast, you agree to not use this podcast as medical advice to treat any medical condition in either yourself or others. Consult your own physician or healthcare provider for any medical issues that you may be having. This entire disclaimer also applies to any guest or contributors to the podcast. Welcome to Conscious Fertility, the show that listens to all of your fertility questions so that you can move from fear and suffering to peace of mind and joy. My name is Lauren Brown. I’m a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and a clinical hypnotherapist. I’m on a mission to explore all the paths to peak fertility and joyful living. It’s time to learn how to be and receive so that you can create life on purpose.

Welcome to the Conscious Fertility Podcast. Today my guest is Lynne McTaggart, and this is a throwback episode because I’ve taken a past recording that I did around 20 19, 20 20 with Lynne McTaggart on the Conscious Talk series, and it’s really relevant for the Conscious Fertility Podcast because in it we talk about the science of consciousness and how we can benefit on both a personal and global level. Talking about the Power of eight, her latest book and the rebound effect, using attention and the power of thought. And for those looking to grow your family, we do bring in reproductive health and infertility into this discussion and just bringing that consciousness into our lives. So whether you’re wanting to grow your family or you’re just looking for more health, happiness, love, abundance in your life, I think this is an episode that you would enjoy. So let’s just get right to it and cut into the interview that I did with Lynne McTaggart and you’ll hear me interview her there. I hope you enjoy it. Please send me back any comments or feedback. And if you’re looking to do conscious work with me, you can contact me through Acubalance Wellness Center where I do both in clinic, where I use acupuncture and laser therapy, as well as via telehealth. So online for wherever you are in the world, I can do this conscious work with you. Enjoy this episode with Lynne McTaggart.

Lorne Brown:

Today we’re with Lynne McTaggart. She is a lecturer, a journalist, an author and publisher. She’s the author of seven books now, including My favorites, the Intention Experiment, the Field and the Power of Eight, and she’s a preeminent spokesman on the new Science of Consciousness. Her website is Lynne and she’s also been listed as one of in the top 100 spiritually Influential people. And I got my signed copy of the Power of Eight. So I recommend you go to her website too and pick up a copy of this. It’s amazing. Lynne, thank you very much for making time today to chat. Oh, it’s my pleasure. I want to get right into it. So what is this new science of consciousness and why do we care? How can we as individuals benefit from understanding, knowing about this new science

Lynne McTaggart:

And how does this then help us globally? Well, my exploration into this started when I did research for my book the Field and what I discovered. I wanted to find out why things like spiritual healing work, and I thought there might be something like human energy fields. And I figured if I talked to a couple of frontier scientists working in consciousness research who’ll be able to tell me, I kept thinking, well, if we have a thought and we can send it to someone else and make them better, that undermines everything. We think about how the world works. So I spoke to some of these scientists and I discovered very quickly that they were all on the verge of a discovery of a completely new science, a completely new view of the world, and essentially, and I’ve put all of their different discoveries together in the field.

Essentially what they’ve discovered is that the old Newtonian idea that we are discreet and separate, well-behaved objects operating according to fixed laws in time and space is completely wrong. That we are part of a dynamic relationship with our environment, with everything and also a part of a giant energy field, the zero point field pretty much like a knot on a rope. So rather than discreet and separate entities, we are all connected. Now, lots of people in the spiritual community say this, but it’s really true. But they’ve also discovered all kinds of amazing things that are brains are not, our minds are not locked inside our heads, and that our brains, rather than being a repository of information is much more like an antenna receiver picking up information from this energy field. Other things that the currency of the body is not chemistry and we’re not a collection of chemicals and electrical signals, but frequency and that we are speaking to ourselves and also communicating with the outside world by a feet frequency too.

That subtle conversations of light go on all of the time. Now, this isn’t the stuff of fantasy. These are all credible scientists working in prestigious universities and areas of learning who discovered this idea that didn’t fit conventional science. Their discoveries were around peg in a square hole basically, but they carried on with the research. And so what they’ve discovered, to answer your question, is that we’re very different from what we’ve been told. And one of the central things that fascinated me the most was discoveries that are thoughts are not locked inside our heads, but are trespassers and their things, but they’re not only just things, they’re things that affect other things. And so that’s been the centerpiece of my work ever since writing that book, trying to investigate how far we can take this if thoughts are things and they affect other things, can we cure cancer with our thoughts? Can we heal the world with our thoughts? And what happens if lots of people are thinking the same thought at the same time? So this has huge implications for every part of our life. That’s why we need to know about it.

Lorne Brown:

And I’m assuming that after the field and the intention experiment, this is what brought you to your book, the Power of Eight, where you started to use this in healing. And so can you share with us what you discovered? I know you talk about rebound effect because we often think, I know when we’ve done some of your power of AIDS at our clinic in Vancouver at Acubalance, a lot of people go, me, me, they want to be the ones getting healed. And in my mind, I’m always chuckling because I’m not sure if everybody understands what the benefit is for those in the circle that are doing the intention. So can you share what this is about and what this really means for humanity about rather taking versus giving?

Lynne McTaggart:

Sure. Now, remember my heart. I am a hard-nosed investigative reporter. So in order to investigate the power of thought, I wanted to put it to the ultimate test. So I thought at the time, which was early two thousands, well, I know a lot of scientists who were working in consciousness resurge and I have lots of readers. The field was in 30 languages. So I thought if I just put them together, I’ll have the greatest global laboratory in the world. So I did that. In 2007, I started running intention experiments, working with credible scientists who had done a lot of work in these areas. They would set up some well controlled experiment, and I would ask my readers around the world to come on my website and send one very well controlled thought, the same thought everybody should hold to that target. And we’ve done 33 experiments, everything from making seeds grow faster to purifying water, to lowering violence in war torn areas to healing somewhat of PTSD.

And of those 33, 29 have shown measurable, positive, mostly significant effects. There’s no drug out there with that kind of consistent track record. So after I started doing this, I started wondering what would happen if I scaled this down to a workshop, but I wasn’t really sure how to do this. I’m a journalist by trade, not a personal development trainer. So I thought, well, I don’t know. I was kicking it around with my husband one day and I said, I don’t know, maybe I’ll just put people in groups, eight or so and have them send a healing intention to a member of the group with a health challenge. And Brian said, oh, I love it, the power of eight. And that’s how it started. So we did this with our first workshop. We put people in groups of eight. We thought it was going to be just a simple effect, kind of like getting your back rubbed a bit by your friend and nice feel-good effect.

And that’s not what happened. When people came back the next day, the recipients of the intention were saying things like, I had cataracts and it’s 80% better. My knee was due for a knee replacement and I’m walking normally today I have IBS and my stomach feels normal and on and on and on it went. But one thing I noticed both in the large scale experiments and these small power beat groups was it wasn’t just the recipients that were changing, but the senders too. There was some weird rebound effect going on. I’ll give you a wonderful example of this in a guy called Wes. Now Wess, I organized power beat groups, as you know at conferences and let people experience it for themselves. Now, Wess was one of the people that was arbitrarily chosen. There were two birds chosen from the Mile High Church in Denver just to do some power bait work just to try it once and we were going to film it.

And so these were people randomly selected or volunteered. Wess wanted to put himself forward to be the target, but there was a woman in the group with stage four cancer. He thought she was more deserving. Wess was suffering from terrible depression from a very unsatisfactory life. He had been studying to become a doctor studying biochemistry when he was drafted during the last year of the Vietnam War. And there was no more college deferment, so he had to go to war beyond the front line, and it was so traumatic for him. He came back deeply depressed, and that cycle of negativity continued and married the love of his life with his second wife. And she died very not long after of fast-growing cancers. We lost her too, had terrible medical debt, lost his house result. By the time I met him and he was 65, he was thinking, what’s the use?

It was hard enough to get up in the morning. So he does this power of a group and the next he goes to bed at night. The next morning it’s like he woke up in Oz. All of a sudden everything was in technicolor. The grass was greener than it had ever been. The flowers smelled sweeter and suddenly had this big rejuvenation, a desire to talk to people when he was avoiding them, all kinds of things like that. But then the next night he goes to sleep and he has this lucid dream, kind of like a lucid dream where he met his 19-year-old self and they were back at campus and somehow the 19-year-old self communicated to him, you know something, there’s still time. So Wes woke up the next day and it was like the veil had lifted. He suddenly was absolutely reengaged in life.

He wanted to go for 90 minute power walks. He started doing that. He started getting involved in power of eight groups, studying new things, writing his life is back on track, and it took one power of eight group and a rebound effect for that to happen. And that happens over and over and over again. I see it in my intention master classes, when we have a year long course, we put people in groups. They take a six week webinar course for me. I’ve then put them in groups and they work for a year after having, they get weekly monitoring, guidance, tips, experiments from me and other bonus calls too, where I’m watching their progress all the time. And I notice that it almost doesn’t matter whether they are the receivers or the senders because it’s all about the group effect. And as long as they’re meeting regularly, what we find is pretty much 100% of them eventually have some sort of transformation in their lives, whether it’s their health, their finances, their relationships, their career, whatever.

Lorne Brown:

And this is something that again, why we call it the new science, because if you want to put it in the whole paradigm, it’s hard to make sense of that. I often, in my practice, when we’re working with belief change modalities with my patients, I often think of it as we’re living in a place where the majority think their world is flat. But there’s a few people have done some cool research that says it’s actually round and it’s the earth that goes around the sun, not the other way around, but everything appears to be the other way. And I think we’re hitting that paradigm shift. This gives me my follow-up question to you though. What about those that want to believe? They hear these stories and it resonates, and even they might have had some experiences, but then they fall back into this idea where they really feel that we’re separate. What advice do you have or what can you offer them to help ’em see the force through the trees?

Lynne McTaggart:

We have many skeptics who come to the conferences that I speak at or are part of things, and they don’t believe it until they find that it works. I mean, we had a woman not long ago, skeptical in an audience where I was speaking and she had back pain. She just didn’t believe it for one minute, and her back pain disappeared and suddenly she became a believer. Here’s the thing that I think separates the experience from the non-experience with this kind of thing. Belief isn’t necessarily essential. It’s nice. It’s good to believe in the process, but not essential. What’s essential is just to experience the group and just to let go so that you enter into the whole experience. You follow the instructions that I give about how to send intention, how to be specific, all the different things that I do. But the main thing I think creates the change is an experience of oneness.

You experience not being separate. That’s the thing that’s so amazing about it that I think is what is the secret sauce here, because I studied this. I mean, being a journalist, I was very skeptical. I didn’t believe it. I was the ultimate doubting Thomas. I thought this was all a placebo effect for a long time, which is why it took me 10 years of witnessing thousands of power of VA groups before I was brave enough to write the book. But what I discovered is people over and over again who were part of my intention experiments, particularly the peace intention experiments, I started surveying people after the event and thousands participate. So I would send out a survey to them and say, okay, how was it for you? And what I found over and over again is them saying things like, I felt like I was part of a higher network.

I was sobbing uncontrollably. There were goosebumps up and down my arms. I felt this unbearable energy and heat. Now remember, and on and on, remember people were all participating from their individual computer screens just as I am participating in this now, nobody was sitting in the same room together. They were all individualized, and yet they felt this extraordinary experience of energy and heat even despite the miles. So something about this group effect, whether it’s a big intention experiment or a power bait group, creates this feeling of unity and oneness and what the power bait people describe. What my masterclass people described over and over again is an experience of being out of their body of it’s basically a mystical experience. The course of miracles calls it the holy instant. It is a spiritualism basically. And what they feel is Abraham Maslow, the famous psychologist, studied experiences and he found that there were about five different qualities to it.

One was this overwhelming feeling of oneness. Then there is this feeling of energy and a change in your not being aware of your environment, a blinding epiphany of meaning. Suddenly the universe makes sense to you and also a kind of rejuvenation, a lust for a change in your life. And my people reportedly always, always report feeling like that when they really connected in the power of eight group. And we even did brainwave studies on this because again, I’m always looking for proof and neuroscientists with university, the largest chiropractic university in the world, did a series of brainwave studies where we got volunteer students to do power groups and we put EEG caps on them and we discovered that very quickly, the parts of the brain that make us feel separate, like the parietal lobes, which sit right here, and they help navigate through space and determine what’s me and what’s not me. They were turned way down. And so were the parts of the brain, the right frontal lobes involved with worry, doubt, negativity also dialed way down. So these are people with a brainwave signature that are experiencing a feeling of ecstatic oneness. And they are almost identical brainwaves signatures to Buddhist monks during ecstatic prayer or soupy masters during chanting as studied by the University of Pennsylvania. So even skeptics, if they enter into this and experience the connection and the oneness of these power of eight groups, they will become believers.

Lorne Brown:

Alright, well I’ll share with our listeners. I’ve had experiences, I’ve witnessed experiences at the Power of eight in the nine o BC with you, Lynne, one of my friends was in my Power of eight group and she got really, really hot and she stayed hot for an hour after. I mean, we touched her. She was hot to touch her whole body. It was quite interesting. And what she was struggling with was gone the next day. So it was like body burned it up quite interesting at a power of eight that we did in Vancouver, BC where again, I was doing a workshop and we ended it with the power of eight. And this group was intending for a gentleman in the group, and this woman just came because her friends had come. She wasn’t even into this stuff. She’s an accountant, kind of like it’s interesting.

And then she emotionally sobbed throughout all. She just could not stop sobbing, intense crying. And afterwards she shared that it wasn’t a painful cry, it was a beautiful cry, but she didn’t know where it came from and she couldn’t control it. It was beautiful. And she had this for a better sense, this love for this gentleman, right? It was just this beautiful sense. What I want to share with the group is I’ve had experiences, I’ve witnessed these experiences, I teach this stuff, and there are days where I’m like, really? There’s days. I’m like, really? I feel separate. And then remembering the stories. And for me, the research, I know Dean Rad and the research they do at Noetic Institute, you start to read the research. If you’re somebody like yourself or myself that loved some of the evidence to give us that comfort, it reminds us, because again, going back to that metaphor that the analogy about the earth is flat. I’m sure it was really difficult for the scientists and the people at the time saying, come on, look around you. The world is flat. You’ve got to be crazy to think it’s round. And I think that’s what’s happening with the new science. Do you have times of full skepticism or have you totally taken you on the other side? I still have moments where I’m like, I feel really separate.

Lynne McTaggart:

Totally. I mean, that is my training as a journalist always to question and to investigate. And that was really the case for me. As I say, for a good 10 years when I was trying to figure out why are these power being groups working? And I looked at group effects, I looked of course at the power of intention, and I also looked at altruism. And altruism is a big piece of it, which is why it has such a big effect, rebound effect, I think because I found it in my masterclasses. As I said before, pretty much a hundred percent of people, if they’re meeting regularly, if they’re meeting every week religiously, they experience some big changes and they report on them. We have a monitoring system that we do so that we really get people to see where they’re moving to. And I found that when I first started doing it, a lot of people were experiencing great things, but a few weren’t.

And one of those was somebody like Andy and Andy was trying everything to get a new job. She was going through a divorce. She had two young kids. She’d sold her gift shop, she couldn’t get another job. No matter what the group did. She wasn’t getting work. And she was really talented, really good coach, really good marketer, nothing. So finally, I guess I was a bit irritated after a while, and I just said, oh, Andy, just get off of yourself. Stop intending for yourself, intend for somebody else. And the moment she did that, and she focused on a kid who had tried to commit suicide after breaking up with this first serious girlfriend, a 15-year-old adolescent owns basically, and she focused on ’em as I had the whole group focusing on for about three weeks. The moment she did start focusing on Luke, within a few days, she got a call out of nowhere offering her dream job.

And that has happened over and over and over and over again. So altruism is a huge piece of it, but I came to conclude hard-nosed journalist as I am doubting Thomas as I was, that yes, it’s all of these things, but there’s also an X factor that’s just magic, that’s just a new science that we’re just beginning to explore and understand. It gives us a glimpse of how different we are from what we’ve been told, gives us a glimpse of the power we hold to heal ourselves. That’s what I found so fascinating and what I had to finally swallow and finally say, okay, you know what? There’s magic here and I’m going to go with it.

Lorne Brown:

I love this. At our fertility conference this year, me and my mentor, good friend ran, Dean Lewis are keynote and it’s awaken the inner healer. It’s all about taking the power back and using your mind to heal your body, waking that inner healer. And again, I got so much from your books, and so thank you for that question. At our clinic, we treat people come in with lots of different things, digestive issues, hormonal issues, anxiety, depression, we treat all kinds of things. And we’re famous for fertility using naturopathy, Chinese medicine, laser for therapy. Have you had any experience or anything with fertility with the power vein? Is that something that you would recommend or not recommend to use for Power of eight? What’s your thoughts on

Lynne McTaggart:

That? I mean, once again, what the power of eight does, there’s so many levels to it, and one of the big things it does that I think is transformational, is unconditional love from strangers. We don’t get that. We don’t get unconditional love from our loved ones oftentimes, let alone strangers. But people talk about always the power of having a group of strangers really sending you healing, intention and love and how focused that is. And when people are going through infertility issues, that is such a lonely business, and it’s so despairing, particularly if they’ve lost children, if they’ve lost, if they’ve miscarried or had stillborns or whatever, it’s so frustrating. There’s so much worry about the clock ticking and all of those kinds of things, and it’s hard for them to look at it as anything other than a giant failure and it can break up couples, et cetera.

So having that support, having both members of the couple have that support, I think would be hugely helpful on so many different levels. And of course, in terms of healing in fragility, well, I see miracles all the time. I tell you, it doesn’t always work. I want to make that really clear to people. It doesn’t always work first time. Oftentimes I’ll say to people, use your group like I do this in the masterclass. A lot of times use your group to help you, intend for you to find the right path to healing. Because of course, we have a smorgasbord of options here in whether it’s the holistic field or the conventional field, and sometimes conventional, if I get run over by a trap tomorrow, even though I’m so holistic medicine, but if I get run over by a truck tomorrow, I want the best of modern, high-tech, conventional medicine to glue me back together again.

That’s what they’re brilliant at. For most chronic things, no, but I think that, for instance, when I said I seen miracles, we had a woman just a couple months ago at a conference I was speaking at, she paralyzed from the neck down and she came in with a motorized scooter. It was idiopathic paralysis that the doctors did not know why, and she was there, their scooter, et cetera. Her group did have this incredibly intense healing intention for, she described it as feeling like the wheels were coming off of her chair and she’s being lifted up. And at the end of it, when I was asking for feedback in the audience, she stood up, she stood up, and she turned around and talked to everybody. There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience. We all knew it was no fake, it was no plant. She was paralyzed. So I see that kind of miracle, and I know that there’s infinite possibility with this.

Lorne Brown:

The idea engaging the innate wisdom of the body, and that’s what we’re doing. So we’re sharing that. There’s integration. You’ve got all these modalities out there, conventional medicine, naturopathy, Chinese medicine, et cetera. And while you’re using those things, engage your body, because when you eat food, you don’t have to tell it how to digest. It knows how to do it, and your body knows how to heal. It has the right environment and sometimes instructions. And so this is something where the X factor, we don’t exactly know what’s happening. However, using some of these tools, you see these miracles. So we will follow up after our call today, and I think we’re going to do some power of eight with fertility and do some experiments with your support to see what we see in my practice. I work on not being attached to that form of outcome, the baby. And can they enjoy the process and feel that what is it that the baby brings, joy, completeness? Can they experience that during the process of wanting to become pregnant? So when they do become pregnant, they don’t feel any different. They’ve already been experiencing that vibration. That’s part of the work we’re doing. And if they don’t, they’re no longer using the baby to create that vibration. They’re created on themselves and that’s how they attract

Lynne McTaggart:

Themselves. Yes. I would just add on this because kind of an interesting case. I have both biological and adopted children, and I found that with the knowledge that I have now because my youngest who’s adopted is 22, the idea of just helping a child into the world and taking away this, I have to make a baby. It has to be my genetic material. Sometimes taking that away is freeing. I found that anyway. Now, it wasn’t a fertility problem I wanted to adopt, and I was also, I was over 40, so I thought, okay, yeah, let’s do this. But I found that a really freeing feeling and now looking at my daughters being grown up, it was so exciting to me to see how much nurture rather than nature comes to play both gorgeous girls. And I don’t ever think of one as being adopted. I don’t even think I think of that as being a slightly exotic start, but it was really fascinating. But I just throw that in as something that is possibly freeing. And also that group, getting back to the power of eight group can help with that. Just that feeling of experiencing an attempt to bring life into the world rather than, as you say, the end product.

Lorne Brown:

Love it. And just we’ll add on this and then I have some more questions for you before we wrap up. Women that we see, I’ve been in practice since 2000. So clinic Acubalance, and women that end up doing donor egg because their first choice is their eggs, and then some need to or choose to do donor egg cycle. In my now time of this recording, 20 years of practice, nobody has ever regretted the donor egg cycle except for one thing. They say, I can’t believe I wasted so much time and I waited to meet my baby. I wish I had done this years ago. They love their child, like you were saying, it is freeing. Now they’re in it. So that’s part of the power of eight is to get them to help them let go and become receptive. And it’s a complicated process of what their desires are. However, with this new science, they can be at peace while they’re still working towards having a baby. And that’s my goal. And then I believe if you can awaken that body, it’s just another variable that can optimize or increase your chances, which is what we’re trying to do.

Lynne McTaggart:

Absolutely, absolutely. Just letting go, letting go. Another interesting thing that a lot of people report in power vape groups. I have no way of testing this. I only have these anecdotal stories, but they talk a lot of times about another entity being there. For instance, one woman who was a real empath said she saw light beings behind every chair in her circle. And I’ve heard that from a number of people. One woman who was due to have a knee replacement and she couldn’t, her knee was so wobbling, she couldn’t walk on it at all. She felt warm mitts during her PowerBait group. This is a single PowerBait group, warm mitts on her knee. Now it wasn’t anybody in the group, it was some other entity. So I don’t know, are we visited by other energies during these things? Does it calm them down? I don’t know. I have no idea, but I know what people report over and over and over again. So something, and people talk about a little piece of heaven being in the room when they’re doing a power vape group. That’s something different is happening, and it isn’t what they feel during meditation or group meditation. It’s something different. So I continue to marvel at it. I continue to be one of the big students in the room too. In looking at it further,

Lorne Brown:

You mentioned earlier the course of miracles, and I think it’s in there where they talk about your external environment as a reflection of your internal environment. And so your thoughts are creating your reality. So this is on the top of my head, just we have leaders in politics. I don’t even have to mention the names because I think most of the countries have leaders in politics that they’re questioning. And if our thoughts create our reality, I see a lot of people having hates on these political leaders, but did we not put them there as in, is this not the collective energy? Is that not why they are in power? And that’s what we’re seeing in the politics, is this not our leaky bucket? Is this not what’s going on on the inside for the majority of our humanity? And that’s why we’re seeing that because if it wasn’t that way, we wouldn’t see it that way.

I know you don’t have to answer this, but I’m like, and then how can we change that? So here’s my thought, Lynne is President X, prime, minister B, whatever we see in them, then we as a collective must have that going on. And that’s why it’s manifested. It’s that leaky buckets, that vibration. We’re creating our reality. And if we want to change what we see in politics, then we need to change ourselves inside. We don’t need to remove people from politics or change politics. The first step is how do we heal our own minds? How do we change our vibration? So it gets reflected back to us in a, we are connected, we are one.

Lynne McTaggart:

We are angry than we’ve ever been. I mean, I’ve done a whole, my masterclass because people are so angry. One of my sessions is all about anger in one of the bonus calls because people are so angry. They’re just so hair trigger. And of course that’s going to be filtering out into the collective consciousness and the cesspool that is social media is a giant reflection of that. Just people feel they don’t have to be civil anymore to anybody. I think I have several thoughts about politics. I think we’re going through a necessary stage where we have to rebuild in a huge way. So we have to tear down first. So we’re putting into play a lot of leaders that are destructive or destroying the old, old to build the new. But one of the things that I focus on, I don’t focus on, a lot of people have written to me and say, let’s do an intention to get rid of President Trump.

I say back, I have a big broad church. My followers, I have lots of Republicans as well as Democrats. They’ve been on my retreats. I’ve had fascinating conversations with the So-called Other Side, and my interest is much more on healing the polarization. So for me, one of the things that happened that was extraordinary, and I think you probably saw it, I did an intention experiment for Jerusalem, which was suffering from a lot of violence. And I was using technology where I was broadcasting from a studio and there were cameras in different audiences, conference rooms in different Arab countries, eight different Arab countries all along the Gulf. And then the ninth camera was in an audience filled with Israeli Jews. And we all sent intention together to lower violence in this area of Jerusalem. And afterward, because it was two-way communication, I could speak to each audience and all of them collectively and each of them could speak back into each other.

And I started asking ’em how it was for them. And they started crying and they started sending love to each other. And the Arabs were sending love to the Israelis. And the Israelis were saying, your God is my God. And everybody was a big, big weep fest. Now these are people who are brought up to hate each other, yet they came together in a way. And this went so viral all over the Middle Eastern internet. And I found that in another case too. When I was doing this for the 10th anniversary of nine 11, I had both Arabs and Americans participate in sending intention to lower violence in Afghanistan. And once again, the two sides started sending love to each other on my Facebook pages, and they started forgiving each other. So my desire and plan is to do a big experiment next year that will bring Republicans and Democrats together. And so it’s not about worrying about who’s in charge or did the wrong person get in charge. It’s about bringing people together, unity and bringing out the love and a care and feeling that we all have this all inside of us. We all have this. And that is really our birthright and not hate division separation competition.

Lorne Brown:

And this goes full circle because at the beginning you and I were chatting about the Einstein quote, you can’t change something at the same level of thinking you created to that. So voting somebody in or out, that’s how we got people in. That’s not how we’re going to change the landscape. And so this is another approach, another different level of thinking, and it starts with intention and healing your own mind, and then that will go out globally to human consciousness. Love it. Lynne, there’s probably many people that want to know about training. Like, Hey, I want to fine tune my set up a power of aid, or I want to learn how to do this better. We have a lot of health professionals that watch this. Do you have any offerings that you can share? I know we have the lin website, but do you have anything coming up in the near future for both public and practitioners that may be of interest to them so they can continue this learning and process?

Lynne McTaggart:

Well, every year I do. Once a year I open my doors to do a Power of eight Intention masterclass, a six week weekly webinar course for me, which is I put people into Intention bootcamp basically, and I teach them how to deal with what are the 13 keys to intention mastery and are 13. There are techniques that I’ve put together that’s an amalgam of both science and the workies and practices of a number of ancient modalities too. And I know they work because they work in our Meyer experiments and all the things we look at. So after that, I put people into groups of eight or more in their time zone, and they meet virtually every week throughout the year. They also have four bonus calls from me and weekly I’m in touch with everybody with tips, advice, guidance, monitoring. There’s an online monitoring system so they can see where they’re going.

And we have feedback. We have constant feedback throughout the year, and people can find out about it in my website, limbic if they’re interested in joining. And that’s really open for everyone, for professionals who want to try to teach this. I’m working on a Train the trainer course, because while this seems like a deceptively simple practice that everyone can follow, and that’s one reason I wrote the book. In order to teach it, you really need to know science and a lot of science and a lot of technique. So I’m trying to provide that for people so they can get certified and carry on with that. So there’s kind of those levels.

Lorne Brown:

Lynne, thank you very much for joining me today and sharing this information. Again, it’s She’s got lots of podcasts and blogs, and now you know about her masterclass and then stuff even for healers. If you’re interested in more conscious talk, we got interviews with Bruce Lipton, bill Bankston, Dawson Church, many more. Lynne, I hope to have you back on as well. Thank you very much for your time today.

Lynne McTaggart:

Thank you. It’s been my pleasure.


If you’re looking for support to grow your family contact Acubalance Wellness Center at Acubalance, they help you reach your peak fertility potential through their integrative approach using low, low-level laser therapy, fertility, acupuncture, and naturopathic medicine. Download the Accu Balance Fertility Diet and Dr. Brown’s video for mastering manifestation and clearing subconscious blocks. Go to accu That’s

Lorne Brown:

Thank you so much for tuning into another episode of Conscious Fertility, the show that helps you receive life on purpose. Please take a moment to subscribe to the show and join the community of women and men on their path to peak fertility and choosing to live consciously on purpose. I would love to continue this conversation with you, so please direct message me on Instagram at Lauren Brown official. That’s Instagram, Lauren Brown official, or you can visit my websites, lauren and Until the next episode, stay curious and for a few moments, bring your awareness to your heart center and breathe.


Lynne McTaggart Bio:

Lynne McTaggart is an acclaimed journalist and author known for her influential books in the field of New Science, such as The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment, and The Bond, which have been translated into multiple languages. Revered as a ‘metaphysical rock star’ and ‘the Madonna of the Quantum World,’ she is highly regarded as one of the world’s top 100 spiritual leaders for her groundbreaking work on consciousness and the power of intention.

Lynne’s speeches and workshops around the globe earn her standing ovations, with thousands of people attesting to life-changing experiences and healings. She is the architect of the Intention Experiment, a global ‘laboratory’ exploring the impact of group thoughts on healing the world, and was featured in Dan Brown’s book, The Lost Symbol. As a co-founder and editor of leading health magazines, Lynne advocates for consumer rights in healthcare and has received numerous awards for her contributions to spirituality and science.

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