The Bengston Energy Healing Method Workshop – 3 Days June 27th, 28th and July 11th

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Access to the recordings for the introduction, Day 1 &2 will be in your account after purchase and join us live on July 11, 2020 and have continued access to the recordings until July 31, 2020.

The Bengston Energy Healing Method® has been validated from solid laboratory research conducted over 35 years in more than a half dozen independent labs and medical schools, along with numerous peer reviewed scientific publications. Dr. Bengston’s research has produced the first successful full cures of transplanted mammary cancer and methylcholanthrene induced sarcomas in mice by healing techniques that he helped to develop and will teach in the workshop.

The Bengston Energy Healing Method® is a powerful, safe energy therapy that can produce remarkable results for both people and animals with a variety of physical and emotional disorders, including depression, Alzheimer’s, digestive disorder, cataracts, cancer and more. In this two-day workshop, Dr. William Bengston teaches the method that produces tangible results in the laboratory as well in people and animals. The basis of the therapy is a unique process called "Image Cycling™," the key to stimulating the body/mind to restore itself to a natural state of wholeness. In this experiential workshop, you will learn how to generate Bengston Method energy for hands-on healing, as well as distant healing, and the use of treated cotton.

You will learn to hyper-accelerate your image cycling and practice the Bengston Method with fellow students. Dr. Bengston will answer questions about clinical issues as well as share his, and others’, clinical experiences.

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