Season 1

Consciousness in Chaos: How to Help Your Qi Deal with Evolutionary Stress

This video is to help connect to each other and to help us deal consciously with the uncertainty many are feeling and experiencing. The purpose is to allow those feeling fearful, lack and anxiety an opportunity to lean into colleagues and for those feeling balanced to have a boost to maintain their calm.

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Start – Introducing Yvonne Farrell

1:10mins –

4:06mins – Disclaimer

5:45mins – Touching on previous ‘Conscious Tuesday’s’ talks

6:38mins – Discussing the different levels of Qi

16:17mins – How to address the levels of Qi

25:15mins –  Q&A – Breathing techniques

29:46mins – Discussing living much of our lives unconsciously

31:49mins – Discussing finding a way to express yourself creatively

32:40mins – Discussing the importance of breathing and the types of breathing

33:40mins – Discussing needing to find stillness

35:54mins – Discussing the Eight Extraordinary Vessels

41:08mins – Discussing 3 points, 5 needles

51:26mins – Q&A’s

59:20mins – Upcoming webinars

1:01:26mins – Closing off the webinar


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