Season 1

Conscious Talk with Lynne McTaggart

Dr. Lorne Brown of Acubalance Vancouver talks with Lynne Mctaggart about the new science of Conscious and her research on the body’s innate ability to heal using intention and  the Power of Eight.


Start: The new science of consciousness and how we can we benefit on both a personal and global level.

4:27min  The power of eight and the rebound effect using intention and the power of thought.

11:30  How to work with one’s doubt and skepticism that come up from our dominant senses keeping us feeling separate and very material rather than how the new science of consciousness that suggest we are whole, connected and immaterial (vibration/frequency)

22:50min  Infertility: Using the Power of Eight for women and men diagnosed with infertility and the role of nurture over nature

32:21  How do you address the polarization of politics using the new science of consciousness

37:08  How to set up a Power of Eight and trainings by Lynne Mctaggart

Hosts & Guests

Lorne Brown

Lynne McTaggart

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About The Speaker

Lynne is an international bestselling author and a dynamic, inspirational speaker, who is consistently voted one of the world’s top 100 spiritual leaders for her ground-breaking work with consciousness and the power of intention.

She’s chiefly known for the quality of her writing and in-depth research, and her books The Field,The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all international sensations and now in 30 languages, are now considered seminal classics of the New Science.

She’s also architect of the Intention Experiment, a global ‘laboratory’ involving thousands of readers around the world testing the power of group thoughts to heal the world, which Dan Brown featured by name in his blockbuster The Lost Symbol.

Lynne speaks around the world and runs regular workshops and teleseminars.
As co-founder and editor of What Doctors Don’t Tell You, now published in 14 countries worldwide, Lynne publishes some of the most sought after health information in the world.


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