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Turning the Unconventional into the Conventional: Some Experiments Capturing Healing Intention

In order for energy healing to be made conventional, healing needs to be both storable and scalable. Can we capture healing intention and reproduce it without the healer?




Start – Introduction to Bill Bengston and Acknowledgments

2:00mins – Recall of Last Year’s Conference topic (transitioning from skepticism to believing through data)

3:00mins – Is a big amount of data enough to convince people ? What are the reason why people accept or believe the things they do ?

06:30mins – Introduction of the topic: – In order to make healing conventional, we need a storable and scalable system

08:39mins – In order to make healing mainstream we need mainstream scalable and mainstream storable 

10:30mins – Can we take this phenomenon of healing and turn it into something  storable, scalable and conventional 

10:48mins – Studies that indicates Healing can be stored into organic material and inorganic material

14:40mins – Former clinical Cancer Experiments with Mice 

16:00mins – Result of introducing unconventional treatment to a dying mouse –  Introduce healing approaches to conventional experiments

18:53mins – Reliable Empirical Data of Unconventional Healing/Reliable Empirical Data of Healing 

20:00mins – Experiment of Organic Storage of Healing (Cotton & Cell Medium ) and Inorganic Storage of Healing (Water)

28:00mins – Maximum Global Scalability: Recording Healing Intention

33:00mins – Healing can be captured and can be released in a maximally scalable system. However, is it as good as the original?

36:00mins –  Healing activity produced in a “conditioned space” phenomenon, with biologic changes producible even after the recording has been turned off.

40:00mins – Experiment of Recording of Healing treatment is brought to Tokyo and its results of healing in cancerous mice

42:00mins – Enhancing Inorganic Storage of Healing in Water (by dilution and succussion)

51:00mins –  Clinical Study of “Water Restore” in the treatment of ill people Trial and its Results

52:00mins -“Perform Water” results in various experiments

55:00mins –  Current Clinical Experiment of Charged Water on Covid affected people

1:00:00ins – Acknowledgments to the Universities



Hosts & Guests

Bill Bengston

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About the Speaker

Bill Bengston is a professor of statistics and research methods at St. Joseph’s University in New York, and the President of the Society for Scientific Exploration, an international group of scientists who study anomalies.

Dr. Bengston has been doing research into anomalous healing for over forty years, and has numerous academic publications. His memoir, The Energy Cure, is published by Sounds True Publishers. He has also lectured widely in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Bill’s research has produced the first successful full cures of transplanted mammary cancer and methylcholanthrene induced sarcomas in mice by energy healing techniques that he helped to develop. He has also investigated assorted correlates to healing such as EEG and fMRI entrainment, and geomagnetic micropulsation anomalies in healing space.

His current work involves the attempt to reverse engineer healing and reproduce healing without the healer.


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