Season 1

Transforming Suffering into Peace

Within each of us there is a child wounded by childhood circumstances, traumas, blurred perceptions, and which continues to manifest itself through various saboteurs whose initial function was to protect us from pain, but which in adulthood prevent us from living life to the fullest.

Now we can take care of this child with love and free her from the burdens she no longer needs and live life with joy, peace, and happiness.



Start – Introduction to Isabel Costa

2:00mins – A description of Isabel’s talk

3:04mins – Why aren’t our desires for peace and happiness in our lives fulfilled?

7:53mins – How unresolved trauma from childhood is expressed in our adult life

10:15mins – Why inner healing and taking care of our inner child is so important

18:00mins – Isabel answers questions

33:00mis – Inner child meditation

42:40mins – Lorne Brown shares a story about a mother’s unconditional love

47:48mins – Healing relationship with our mothers





Hosts & Guests

Lorne Brown

Isabel Costa

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About the Speaker

Born in 1963 in Porto, Portugal. From the age of 10 began a spiritual search until the age of 19 when  became a missionary living in several western and eastern countries. 

Naturopath and Certified Hypnotherapist from IACT (USA) in 2013.

 Author of 2 books on healthy eating.

 Creator and teacher of the Holistic Nutrition Course, teaching  since 2014.  

 Post graduate in “People’s Management and Organizational Happiness” by Universidade Atlântica. 

Happiness Consultant and Ambassador of Peace for Woman’s Federation for World Peace since 2011.



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