Season 1

Lessons from the Lab

With Bill Bengston

Part 1 will present experimental lab data that indicate that cancer can be cured using “energy healing.” It will draw upon more than a dozen “healing with intent” lab experiments on mice with mammary adenocarcinoma, methylcholanthrene induced sarcomas, compromised immune systems (nude mice), oncogenic mice, as well as a selection of in vitro studies on cancerous cell cultures. Using specially developed healing with intent techniques, non-experienced, skeptical volunteers were successful in producing full lifespan cures in mice that normally have 100% fatality.

Part 2 will move past the demonstration of the healing phenomenon, and address “second order” questions that are also interesting to both the clinician and the basic science researcher. Areas to be discussed include whether healing produces remissions or full lifespan cures; dose responses in healing; whether healing is linear or follows sudden “bursts”; and whether conventional treatments are compatible with unconventional treatments. Finally, this second talk will address the experimental and clinical implications of non-local “resonant bonding” in healing.

Additional experimental data that will not be discussed in the first two talks but will instead be dealt with during the actual workshop, include research on states of mind and healing, and resonant brain and heart coherence between healer and healee. Finally, some research on making healing “scalable,” involving the recording, storage, and replication of healing without the healer, will be presented.

Lessons from the Lab: A Selection of “Energy” Healing Experiments Part 1


Start – Introduction and disclaimer
4:28mins – Background of Bill being a skeptic
7:11mins – There is no energy in healing
7:35mins – Discussing Healing Research Major Goals Categories
16:40mins – Discussing Bill Bengston Workshop Book and Audio and Resources
22:33mins – Introducing the 8 Propositions
27:00mins – Reviewing Interesting Questions
34:38mins – Discussing Selected Cancer Experiments
37:11mins – Proposition #1 – Can Cancer be Cured?
44:40mins – Discussing Remission Pattern
55:03mins – Slides showing the Effects of Treatment

Lessons from the Lab: A Selection of “Energy” Healing Experiments Part 2


Start – Introduction to part 2
4:30mins – Touching on the Healing Research Major Goals
8:46mins – Bill Bengston Resources and Publications
9:59mins – Discussing the 8 Propositions
12:38mins – Reviewing Proposition #1 – Can Cancer be Cured?
23:07mins – Discussing Proposition #2 – Once Cured, Cancer is Cured for Life
31:15mins – Discussing Proposition #3 – There is a “dose response” to treatment
41:52mins – Discussing Proposition #4 – Healing occurs in “bursts”
51:03mins – Discussing Proposition #5 – Some types of “energy healing” may not be compatible with some types of conventional medical treatments
56:21mins – Discussing Proposition #6 – Healing is Associated with Resonant Bonding
1:17:58mins – Discussing the Implications of Resonant Bonding

Hosts & Guests

Lorne Brown

Bill Bengston


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About the Speaker

Dr. William F. Bengston, PhD, Dr. Bengston is a Professor of Sociology at St. Joseph’s College in New York. He received his doctoral degree from Fordham University, with a special emphasis on statistics and research methods.

In addition to numerous publications and conference presentations in Criminology, the Sociology of Religion, and Applied Statistics, Dr. Bengston has been involved in “energy medicine” research for several decades. His primary involvement there has been in “laying-on of hands” research on experimental mice, sometimes involving skeptical volunteers who act as healers. He has done experiments with mammary adenocarcinoma at the City University of New York, St. Joseph’s College, and Arizona State University, and with methylcholanthrene induced sarcomas at the University of Connecticut Medical School.

In these experiments, he has produced the first known full life-span cures of cancer in experimental mice. Additionally, he has done functional magnetic resonance imaging experiments on human brains during healing sessions at the University of Connecticut Medical School, and will soon be replicating and expanding upon that work in a series of parallel MRI experiments at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

Several papers on this work have been published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration and the Monterey Institute for the Study of Alternative Healing Arts. Dr. Bengston has also lectured widely throughout the United States and Europe on his research. Professor Bengston’s current research includes attempting to develop a cancer vaccine from the blood of cured mice; the development of a theory of “resonance” which will help explain anomalous data in experimental research, including placebo effects; and the demonstration of the ability of consciousness to establish a resonant bond between two brains.



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