Season 1

Anxiety Rx

Dr. Lorne Brown and Dr. Russell Kennedy jump into the relevant topic plaguing many people of all ages – anxiety. Dr Russ discusses his approach to a mind-body connection to resolving the internal alarms of anxiety, and how to move through the overthinking /worry that can stop you in your tracks or create an internal environment of fear preventing you from reaching your full potential.




Start – Dr. Russell Kennedy Introduction
2:15mins – Discussing “anxiety has more to do with the body than the mind”
6:21mins – Discussing how Dr. Russell’s approach is different than what he used to do
10:00mins – Discussing how practitioners can have better success in working with people diagnosed with anxiety
10:25mins- Example of getting someone to find what their alarm is
13:14mins – Discussing “The problem isn’t your thinking, the problem is your feeling”
14:30mins – Discussing Inner Child
17:52mins – Discussing Dr. Russell’s approach
22:42mins – Discussing developing a relationship with your trauma
25:23mins – Discussing the neuroscience and the default mode network
32:40mins – Discussing suggestions for conscious parenting during the pandemic
36:07mins – Closing off the interview with Dr. Russ and The Anxiety Rx book




Hosts & Guests

Lorne Brown

Russell Kennedy

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About the Speaker


Dr Russell Kennedy is very rare among physicians in that he specializes in the very disorder he suffered from himself. He developed anxiety as a result of growing up with a father with severe schizophrenia, and his life’s work is devoted to showing others that they do not have to suffer from chronic anxiety as he did. Dr Russ has degrees and advanced training in medicine, neuroscience and developmental psychology, but It’s not all science though, he is also a certified yoga and meditation teacher and was a professional stand up comedian for over a decade, and that’s no joke!.  Whether it’s the latest in neuroscience, or it’s living at a temple in India, or examining his own anxious mind with psychedelics, Russ has seen anxiety from perspectives of multiple perspectives notably as both an anxiety doctor AND an anxiety patient. In his new book, Anxiety Rx being released October 15th 2020, he shares an understanding and treatment of anxiety never before seen. 


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