Season 1

The energy-flow coach 

Dr. Lorne Brown and Energy-flow coach, Psychologist, and Author, Kyle Davies, discuss chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, and depression. Kyle shares his knowledge on the connection of these symptoms – that are related to a body and brain that are in a perpetual state of stress.



Start-  Kyle Davies introduction

1:56mins- Discussing a connection/underlining cause in chronic fatigue, depression, and anxiety

5:00mins- Discussing stress and how people internalize stress

6:15mins- Kyle Davies explains how his approach is different from conventional practice

10:52mins- Discussing being in the present

12:06mins- Sharing tools and clarity of mind to be able to bounce back

16:10mins- Explaining the importance of allowing ourselves to feel our emotions

17:38mins- Discussing vibration frequency

20:05mins-  Kyle discusses his views on seeing a conscious shift happening

22:00mins- Sharing what we can do to raise our consciousness

24:47mins- Explaining “It’s an inside job”

27:26mins- Kyle Davies resources

29:05mins- Closing off the interview






Hosts & Guests

Lorne Brown

Kyle Davies

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About the Speaker


Kyle Davies spent 5 years at 2 universities studying academic psychology. When Kyle left he trained and volunteered as a telephone counsellor for a helpline for carers of sufferers of dementia and got a real taste of the discomforts life can bring.

But his real passion to understand and reduce human suffering stemmed from his own struggles with anxiety, depression and other symptoms.

During Kyle’s late teens and early twenties, he was plagued with bouts of intense anxiety and depression which impacted his education, career, relationships and social life. Kyle tried a variety of therapies; some helped a little, some were totally pointless. As Kyle moved into his mid-twenties, his symptoms began to recede.  Kyle Davies was intrigued and keen to understand what exactly it was that he had done that had contributed to his ‘recovery’ at that time. Kyle had been playing with breathing and getting out of his overly active mind, but there was more to it than that.

At the time Kyle was working as a psychologist in management consulting, so he decided to train in a variety of therapeutic modalities and opened his first therapy clinic in 1999. In the early 2000s Kyle began working in partnership with a medical doctor and they pioneered a new mind-body approach for working with symptoms of chronic fatigue and pain and other medically unexplained symptoms.

Working with hundreds of clients, reading, researching, and continuing to observe his own experience, helped Kyle to gain real insights into how we construct our reality, and what really causes suffering and symptoms.

Kyle began to see that human beings are designed to flow. We are self-healing and self-correcting, our default setting is to thrive. When we experience symptoms and syndromes, or are struggling in some way, something is blocking our flow, there are obstacles in the way, the energy valve is partially closed. Peeling away the layers to reveal our authentic core facilitates a return to wellness, vitality and peace of mind.



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